5 ways to save money with your iPhone or Android smartphone

The dominance of Apple and Google mobile software industry, money-saving apps on the Palm OS mobile environment for power users like the previous generation must haves-.

Much of this legacy software, the smartphone experience defined Internet access and tight hardware integration is lacking, in order to help users balance their budget was limited.

Apps that explicitly average smartphone buyer with less focus on the gadget’s built-in hardware features, is available for a phone, placing more weight on it, especially being changed.

There are still plenty of budget and cost tracking apps (and many of them are good), but now the price of mobile phone users to keep track of and generally € “even on their moneyâ Apps can save!

We are now in their respective devices’ features that take full advantage of the Apps from the iTunes Store and the Android Market have. IPhone and Android competitors can not explain all of the records and product bar codes are built-in camera, and of course as long as they are within the network coverage, you can pull data from online sources.

This ensures that consumers spend their hard-earned money. Listed below are examples of five iPhone and Android apps as well as economical advantages. During the first three in the last two budget shoppers, the app is perfect for hunters.

The main part? All five applications are available for free!
Other applications are applications that help you save money


Really love the app, but not enough to buy it at its current price? AppShopper using an iPod touch and iPad, even perfect for those must-have utility for all iOS device users are.

AppShopper App Store’s catalog to track the price of the product. It is (in terms of popularity) in 200, new, popular, or by the Apps list, according to the user’s search. Price (paid or free), the device (iPad only or not?), And by category can be applied to filter out the thin list and zero is an application that helps users meet certain criteria.

The application of price cuts or increases related to the current price list, showing the value of a feature history. Best of all, the wish list of AppShopper users can add custom apps, and get notified of price drops and promotion applications.

AppShopper downloaded from the iTunes store.


It’s the lack of price history and tracking the effectiveness of the appbrain, is like AppShopper for Android smartphones. AppShopper so useful that the same filters are available, and that can be transferred to the phone’s SD card AppBrain Android Apps highlights that there is an additional filter.

AppBrain frequent users of the software-based applications already installed on an Android device, which tries to suggest that his “Recommended Apps” feature, you can take advantage of.

Download from Android Market AppBrain.

Place less emphasis on saving money “is available for both iPhone and Androida €”, and they really need to get the app helps users more this Appa €. AppBrain like AppShopper and it is always helpful to have free or paid filter.

But really Chomp Apps from the iTunes Store and the Android Market is the first search engine built from the ground up to process comes into its own. Instead of searching only the items with a matching title or description, the effectiveness of the results come. Chomp, which is curated by the team reviews each community to provide feedback on the app, the more accurate.

The point? Chomp can help you save money, but it needsâ € “making it the purchase price will be zero on the app that suits you.

Chomp downloaded from the iTunes Store.

Apps that help you save money on everything else
Google Shopper

Smartphone applications attempt to save money, but the real cost is more important than the product. Google Shopper is an online product and price research assistant scanner turns your phone.

Take a picture of the actual products, and customers from major online and brick-and-mortar retailers List of Figures itemâ € “will be loaded for the price comparison. See if you can save a few bucks in a snap.

A few caveats: the customer only plays nice with large retail chains, because the local shops, underrepresented is. And informal tests, it is the application DVD, video games, books, and with the album seems to work better.

Google Shopper downloaded from the iTunes Store .

Shop Savvy

Helped popularize the Android operating system is one that Killer Apps, shop savvy also has a version for the iPhone is available. Google Shopper is a picture of the desired product that does a great job, though, Shop Savvy only product bar codes and QR codes can explain.

They identify the products of choice, however, the shop offers more options for Savvy Penny Pinchers. Application to the local shop price lists and price alerts support. Shopping savvy users can rely on the application of the new police department, and for even more ways to save money on a database, managed by the community.

Shop Savvy downloaded from the iTunes Store .

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