5 Must Have Cloud Storage Apps for Android

One day, future historians will write about in this age of technological explosion, and when they do it around the year 2015, mankind is a word they do not like this a € œSomewhere wherever they work and decided that it was to enter personal information to be included. ”

If youâ € ™ re looking for cloud-based storage ™ € experience and will provide you all the time, each of the files, documents, pictures or other media you’re someone who needs to have access to.

Cloud storage is literally at any time from your device that can be accessed, which is a computer connected to the Internet is a way for you to save the file. The planet’s most popular mobile platform Android operating system in the cloud storage providers anytime and anywhere, to access and allow you to share large amounts of data there are a number of Apps developed awesome.

In fact, Android’s Google Play Store for Android, cloud storage is a quick look at the arrest of a dizzying array of cloud-based storage will bring up that is so popular. If youâ € ™ cloud-based storage for the following Android right now may be looking for the best choice of Apps cloud storage is a list of the top five.


Dropbox is widely accepted that it was the first real cloud storage solution. They start at $ 9.99 for a fee-based options up to 100 GB of storage for free with 2GB offers a fairly shocking. Service itself is flawless and highly functional. Theyâ € ™ since theyâ ™ is an intuitive and easy to listen to their customers effortlessly, saving flow and you feel it when you are able to share digital products that have been designed to use interface €’ve been at it for a while.


Dropbox’s success inspired the box, the cloned service. Box organizing, sharing and streaming of standard service is available with 10 GB of free storage for personal accounts. It is the downside of the app will automatically sync your files across all your devices are € ™ T doesnâ. So you € ™ free personal account, if you choose to do a bit of your own content management. Box service as the primary customers for the corporate account, customization and a long list of options available.

Google Drive

Googleâ € ™ s own cloud storage service Google Drive is a cloud storage amazing races will not be left out. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Google Android platform and everything in it is likely that it syncs across your devices up to 20 GB of free storage to provide users may want to do well. Users to edit documents in the cloud while displaying real-time updates, you can invite others to participate in the editing.

Microsoft Sky Drive

Google Drive, Microsoft Sky Drive, but it’s almost as Google or Google to distribute € ™ T is the same cool feeling to have everything that doesnâ Not to be outdone by the competition. Sky Drive allows you to store and share everything flows, but the interface is about as intuitive as Google Drive is € ™ T ISNA. Drive to where the sky really excels is in its complete integration with the Microsoft Office suite of products. A heavy duty € ™ Sky Drive service you seriously want to check out the Windows / Office user back to you all, so Microsoft Office users to automatically store their documents Sky Drive from within any Office program, you can edit and share.


SugarSync, geared toward the average user, and a super-simple, easy to use and set up the system. You may be cursed your social networks with a public link that you can share large files through the system, and use other applications on your Android handset while you can even stream music. SugarSync, gives you 5GB of free cloud storage, allowing users. If youâ € ™ Sync hits the spot, then the sugar is a simple, consumer-oriented, looking for hassle-free service.

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