3 Android Games You Need to Have

While lots of people are getting addicted as I write that we look at some of the Apps Why don € ™ t of Android phones, the first € ™ re WEA? Although it € ™ s iPhone Apps that can be very addictive and the graphics are quite impressive, as you well out there that can keep you glued to your phone is Android games. Here are three of those games.

Bonsai Blast
There are many reasons why this game is first on the list. One, it’s free. Two, it’s completely addictive. It’s not just in terms of graphics and gameplay is like Zuma. You can see the different colors and patterns to match the marble will make their task. Simple but you can spend hours playing the game.

Speed Forge 3D
This one costs $ 4.99, but it’s a small price to pay to have played it to the owner. It’s the Red Planet, a racing game that is set in the future. Racing has become entertainment for bored people. Wipeout game compared to some users. 6 tracks, 3 different vehicles, and weapons as well. The graphics in full 3D.

Korean company that Gamevil one behind the acclaimed mobile. According to critics, the richness of detail in the game is nothing short of amazing. Wikipedia game: Zenonia’s protagonist is a young man of unknown primary source of grief. Its primary goal of the game at the hands of a monster, and subsequently a more powerful evil found the cause of death of his adoptive father.

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