Top 5 Password Management Tools

I tend to forget the password that has a reputation for himself. It is for sure, not something to be proud of, and I had just gotten my first MacBook, for example, when I was still not able to live down. After the restart I just forget about it, there is a user password set! For the life of me, I can count on one hand more and more password-protected access to the site to blog … I can not explain how that happened, but you get the picture, I am not dependent on the password management tools.

If you’re anything like me, you as well will benefit from an efficient password management tool. There are many choices, and let me share with you five of the best password management tools.

Password Management Tools

Recently, I changed laptops, and I was more than I ever got to appreciate LastPass. All of the password management tools, LastPass is one of the main I use, and it is for good reason. This is a free version (there is a premium one as well), and it makes quite personal use. With the browser plugin, you can login to web sites saved automatically, or you can simply fill the field and the “sign” can not click. The important thing is that you will never again have to remember another password. Perhaps without your LastPass password is. In addition, whenever there is a need to do this, you can create a password for it.

1Password password management tool that comes my second choice. It’s like LastPass and Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android version. Your master password, like with a lot of LastPass, 1Password, you really only have to remember a password. This means that you as safe as you want it “unrememberable” can do. After all, how hard can it be to remember a password? It’s the thing with 1 1Password (Mac version) costs $ 49.99, but you can try it for free for 30 days.

Everywhere RoboForm 7
RoboForm out there, one of the most powerful password-management tools. Data is stored directly online, you will automatically be entered through their bukamarkaleta can be used, and are available in apps for different mobile platforms – offering it to other password management tools are provided. In addition to these, RoboForm your life more convenient, thereby form-filling features. For $ 19.95, this particular can install the program on your PC, unlimited number, given that it is not at all a bad option. Drawbacks? It’s full-featured desktop version, which costs $ 29.95, not as.

Other free KeePass password management tool that you can use, and even better, it’s certified open source is to ensure your safety. The interface may not be as beautiful as LastPass, but if you are not bothered with detail (as long as everything works, you need to be beautiful anyway!), Then KeePass will work. It is protected by a master password for your password, keeps a database.

Kaspersky Password Manager 4
Kaspersky is one of the most trusted names in online security, and password management tool, as well as not to disappoint her. For $ 24.95, you can automatically login credentials, multi-page login capture, and there are software applications that manage passwords as well. It can generate secure passwords for you, and it has a USB Portable version. Kaspersky Password Manager is all you need for all intents and purposes € ™ ll be the only tool.

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