Publish Your Facebook Pages’ Updates to Twitter

Whether they admit it or not, Facebook has an inherent conflict. Both gaining followers and eyeballs on them are increasing daily. Also, both are competing in the Arena silently real-time search. Share Facebook Twitter updates, Facebook pages, as well as their Facebook Tweets.According blog, use Twitter to share updates by letting its users know that the road but a wonderful members of the Facebook one of the most requested features. Hence they are now, even though only for updating their Facebook pages, these requests are obeying.

With the new feature, Facebook pages, the publication will be only a one-time setup. Meaning, once the pages are automatically updated as tweets to Twitter, enabling., The owners of the properties will be disabled. This new feature not only for Facebook profiles and Facebook pages to remember for good.

In addition, if you manage a Facebook page, if you want to share on Twitter will be able to control what type of updates – at the same time that the links, photos, notes, events, and all of them are.

What do you think? Twitter updates will be published to your Facebook page? The sharing feature is enabled on your Facebook page?

Of course, if you gain online presence on both Facebook and Twitter, a social media practitioner who used to be, it becomes moot and academic ceremonies. You definitely want to activate this feature.

But this feature allows Twitter, you waiting for?

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