Are You Protecting Your WordPress Blog?

You’ve got to lock your front door. If you bolt your windows at night. Even if you have a home security system. Almost every new model car alarm. We were quite safe for your computer’s firewall and virus protection programs have some sort of estimate. But what about your website? Are you a ton of information to share with the rest of the world to the Internet, where your private domain. Data security measures in place to ensure you and your intellectual property is not subject to attack the virus or not?

Make a blog backup

You and your site is very likely to suddenly become incredibly popular, especially if you can at some point be a victim of a Web attack or controversial pieces tend to post. Create a backup of your blog you patch your security problems, then you can quickly and easily â € “you must ensure that you can restore the content, that is. Back up your blog on your site can work automatically, so a WordPress plugin installed on your desktop Save the file, or even as simple as a designated email address.

Choose integrated password

let’s face it. The word â € € œpassword, ?? Your birthday, and your name variations, especially now â € “is not strong enough password. Most sites now have a large capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and with a character bound to create a password. Difficult to determine your password to anyone the back-end portion of the lower your odds are. You have to login to the admin to make sure your password is your FTP login is not needed at all complicated. If you have trouble remembering passwords, you like RoboForm, a PC-based (not web-based) password storage program You can invest in.

Update your WordPress platform

This blog is one of the most important yet most overlooked aspect of security. WordPress releases new version of its platform on a regular basis. This new version includes enhancements to the platform not only in itself, but also for the security of your site. That means you’re vulnerable to skipping updates known vulnerabilities. Updating your WordPress platform is not allowed. You can, for the most part, when you log in to your site can offer to automatically update the WP. Before you make any changes, just make sure you have a backup.

WordPress security plugins

Do not forget to look for a WordPress plugin, as well as security. This plugin for both experienced and amateur bloggers blog for the safety of a simple solution € “offer. For example, change your login URL of the page, which will include the mysterious login; Blackhole, information will be collected for a blacklist of moving to a particular part of your page in the automatic Bots silly, and periodically scan your WP database files and WP Security Scan, which will, no abnormalities to suggest corrections.

This, of course, you can do anything to protect it from attack by just a handful of your blog. If you’re new to WordPress, you can find out where your site is the most vulnerable to ensure a professional web programmer communication. Crime in the web world â € “a good defense, remember!

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