Top 4 Educational Apps for Toddlers

We have all the horror stories about children via the iTunes App Store Unsupervised left’ve heard racking up enormous bills. It comes to the iPad or iPhone that some parents from giving their children free to be dismissed, this tool can serve as a useful educational tool, there is no doubt about that. My two grandchildren – 8 and 2 years old – learning the impressive strides made in the last year, and I can not use the iPad can not deny that it has a huge role. Judging from what I hear from other parents, the same thing has happened with their children.

School care, eating habits, health problems, tantrums, security (online and offline), etc., not to mention the – – that really should not be added to the list of bills iTunes parents already have so much to think about. Apps for proper supervision and with the right choice, what you have to offer the technology should be able to take advantage of. To help you, here are my top 4 educational apps for toddlers. Give them a try, and your kid / S how to get along!

Endless Alphabet

Celebrity developed by Digital Arts, Endless Alphabet is a paid app, but it’s worth your $ 4.99. After all, we want our kids to learn that as soon as possible – – focusing on the alphabet there are so many educational apps, but this app monsters (should not be afraid, that is!) And a good choice of words, combining so much fun. The app also helps learning how to spell and read – the kids get to drag the letters to form words, and the animation is really interesting.

Little Numbers – finger counting
It comes to educational applications, the number is always part of the list. Little of the number of learning for toddlers adds a bright spin. More than simply the number of presentation, it takes advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch capabilities: it is based on the number of fingers touching the screen that displays the number! Other features of the sequence, addition, and subtraction, learning to count 1-10 ,. Price tag: $ 1.99.

Toca Kitchen

All of toddlers are too young to know about cooking? Of course not! (He is, I guess it feels like when) my 2-year-old nephew who loves food, and he was playing around with this app. With an appetite – – Toca four characters and children’s food fight, cook, play with, and the characters can feed. It is a tool for children who may be difficult to feed. Price tag: $ 2.99.

1 Animal Farm 3
Another staple of educational apps in the barn – animals. Those who do not teach their children what sounds animals make? This app for kids as well, but only a lot of fun for parents and caregivers. Stickers, memory games, animals and animal – as the name implies, 3 app in the games. If you want to have more fun making animal sounds, this app will do the trick. Only $ 1.99.

To be sure, many other educational apps out there, but this is 4, I can vouch. Free Apps they may not be, but the price tag attached to them – and your kids – Happy.

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