The Truth Behind Mobile Apps and Their Success

How often do you download a mobile app? If you are available for free or at a discounted price or the Apps App Shopper check back regularly to see one of those? Keep in mind that, not how much you spend on Apps?

To be sure, the answer will depend on the user’s habits, but you just have to know how many people might be surprised to patronize the mobile application. As a result, a mobile application developer is actually really as glamorous as some may think that life could be.

Recently, with the sum of the pixels behind the success of mobile applications focusing on the truth, “wake up call” an infographic titled post. It may not be as easy as one would think!

Here are some interesting numbers.

**80% do not earn enough money to support an independent business
**59% do not earn enough money to break even on the cost structure
**68% earned less than $ 5,000 or with their most successful applications
**Spend 14% of their time marketing top earners
**$ 30,000 – or thereabouts – the average amount spent by marketing top earners

The last row? Mobile application developers to earn money to spend for it seems to be. It is not surprising is it? One, that the business is an age old concept. Two, one of them has to do something extra to get the word out about the app that has countless mobile applications to the market.

Here is the full infographic.

So you’re still making great about it is the view of the mobile application dreaming? On your brilliant idea for an app, you’ll want to take these things into consideration. Sometimes, you have the talent to make money may not be enough!

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