How to Protect Your Kids Online

Without a doubt, the Internet has changed many lives in more ways than one. Letters used to take months now sent via email in a split second and can be delivered by regular mail to be delivered. Instead of just talking on the phone with friends in distant countries, you are now on the internet â € “can make a video call, and it is even less than the cost of a local phone call. In the past, you have to physically neighborâ € ™ s friend was knocking on the door, Now you can meet and make friends through the Internet. A lot of people play the long-term friendships have developed and theyâ ™ € communication over the Internet after the first year has to meet personally.

However, like almost anything in the world, the Internet did not come up with a few things. Communication with the Internet faster than others, though, it has become a little bit more impersonal; Video calling is often diminished, so did the talking with family and friends, joy and excitement felt when faced with the prospect of working; And for making friends online as well as, sadly, most people would rather be farming friends Caring for the off-line relationships. All three, the latter is probably the most dangerous aspect that brings.

Making friends online is something everyone is capable of doing: kids chat room or chatting online gaming community, to do it through instant messaging; And adults through the internet dating and make new friends online. Soaked in making online friends of all ages, are more at risk than in younger age groups.

Research using computer chat room is one of five children who have been approached over the Internet and in 33 one, ask to meet off the line by calling the phone, and sending inappropriate e-mail or other messages which have been shown to have received aggressive sexual solicitation. Whatâ € ™ s scary, only 25% of youth who received sexual solicitation told a parent, that is. They do not just turn off the computer and delete their online account? What is the other 75%? They shared much information with a € œinternet friendâ € ??? They met on the internet with the animals and they are sexually assaulted?

This is a sure fire way to get the IP address of the person to think of tracing the parents, € ™ T do not want their children to become victims of Internet predators and it’s as simple as that ™ €. Of course the Internet is now becoming more internet savvy and counter-intelligence strategies to protect their identity and their position is. Online predators are taking steps to protect themselves, given that you can not just another statistic of parents to protect their children from becoming a victim of a crime to try their best, or is worse.

Crimes against Children Research Center, 77% of the targets for online predators to at least 14 years old and older, teenage years. A small percentage (22%) of children aged between 10 and 13 years. For example, hovering over their shoulder as they experiment – or one of your children in this age group are both to be extra vigilant about the time you spend on the Internet and ruthless technology employed will do everything you can do in the short, or completely cut internet access – their To ensure safety.

Keep your computer in the living room

Childâ € ™ s computer to monitor your use of the computer in the lounge one way or another common area of the house is placed is guaranteed. You can casually chat with people who are your children what they can see on the website in this way; Your child / children on hea ™ from seeing or receiving of Internet € What is it uncomfortable, then you probably can see.

Filtering or blocking software to install or set up Parental Controls

According to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, only 1/3 of households with access to Internet filtering or blocking software installed on their computers. There are a wide variety of software available in the market € “some blocks, some filter adult content from the Website pop-up windows, and has been seen in porn on your computer will help you not only the big stick to such gadgets.

Limit Internet Use

Another way you can protect your child day or a certain number of hours per week is limited to use them on the Internet. You can also restrict the use of the computer before 8:00 pm. A majority of Internet predators € œfriendsâ € ¢ ?? look for They know when someone is childâ Bed and night, € ™ s use of the Internet unattended.

But when your kids are not at home? They friendâ € ™ s home computer and Internet connection can be used when you do not protect them from online predators, or they log online via free public Wi-Fi?

If you are really not in the house where your child can and can not do anything about when. You can do that most of them on the Internet as much information as you can about the potential dangers are.

Talking with your kids on a regular basis

Online photo sharing personal information or talk to your children about the dangers. Children up to 75% of their research and their family in exchange for goods and services that they are willing to share information about the show; Or simply because they believe that their online friends.

They have questions about sex or anything of a sexual nature to discuss, if they talk about it with people instead of the web, you should first contact that you remind your children.

They will tell you if you are being bullied physically or online through any â € “Do not be afraid to talk to you about something, tell them that they are now chatting with a friend who is feeling uncomfortable, they will tell you that as well. They have received sexual advances, or were sexually molested – you will be their first points of contact. your child know that you will always be there for them no matter what â € “will support the theme.

The more involved your childrenâ € ™ s lives

™ It is not enough that you have to constantly talk to your child’s €. If you are interested in them and happy to spend time with them, to show them that you will need. Encourage your child to join the club; Hikes and go on with their picnic. Your child happy with a € œreal lifeâ € ¢ If you have a ?? The friends and the people, it was to make friends ™ to create an online persona, or have an interest that is unlikely to €.

There are other ways you can protect your kids online. For younger children, you may have to watch cartoon videos promoting their online security. And exhaust all possibilities. You can share this with you and your children get all the information.

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