6 Must-Have Social Apps for Android

So if you’ve got a new Android phone, and Apple could not be more proud of myself for resisting temptation. I know.1 even some people who seem to me to remind you that this avid Android user as a fan.
In any case, there is much to be said about the top of the line Android phones. Just like there’s a lot to be said about the iPhone. If you like Android, then so be it. It all boils down to personal choice.

Now, what about the apps? Social Apps comes to mind is probably normal, and that is the first thing. The good news is that you’ll get on this platform is much more free apps to help you, here are seven must-have for Android Social Apps.

Facebook for Android
Everyone is on Facebook, and many users are getting sick of it in spite of that, at the moment there are a lot of options in terms. So, yes, perhaps you need to install the Facebook for Android is one of the first social-Apps. And yes, it’s free.

Twitter for Android
When there was a lot of people who want to use other clients to access Twitter to iOS users (is), Android’s app is actually rather good. This is the best Twitter app for your Android phone will go on a quest for the means. Just go with the default client, and you’ll be good.

Foursquare for Android
You need to frequent the joint mayor? If you want to see all the time in the world going to do? Then you have absolutely Foursquare and must use it every time you go somewhere. In all seriousness, Foursquare can help you find a lot of places, so it’s still in the test and did not want to broadcast it, even if it is a good application.

Instagram for Android
There, Instagram iOS users at a time when the field is used, and the developers have finally released an Android version, the user is in full blast like nothing else. , Photos, even the crappy ones that make use of your phone and share them online. What filtered. The little nuances of your stream and you just had for lunch or dinner, try not to fill it with.

WhatsApp Messenger for Android
There are always those who are on an unlimited data plan for the Perfect. As long as you have installed it to your friends, with this app, you will not need to use text messaging credits. Even festive and iOS users will have to pay for it, you can tell when it is free for Android.

IMO Messenger for Android
Whatever you use, and the IMO with other IM platforms into one app to access their Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, ICQ, and integrated.

The seven Social Apps for Android, you have covered your social life from virtually all angles.

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