Alternatives to Microsoft Word

Almost every blog entry starts on a text editing software. Not everyone, however, an official license for the Microsoft Office suite and hundreds of goats are willing to pay.

There are some good open-source alternative to the Internet; You can get some time to adapt, but they (especially if you consider the price …) will be definitely worth it.

Open Office is a multi-platform office suite that is gaining popularity around the world. It took millions of dollars in software licenses per year, saving many organizations and government institutions there. I have been using it for over a year and it certainly gets the job done.

The second option is that you are looking for a unique text editor, AbiWord’s ideal. AbiWord has most of the features that you find in the words of an open-source word processing program. It is a light software and it is supported by many platforms.

Finally, Google Docs online word processor offers a very flexible. This solution has the advantage that you can easily share documents with others and you can even edit them in mass. The software is constantly being updated by Google.

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