How to Upgrade WordPress via SSH

A new updated version of WordPress users is quite simple: “Update” on the WordPress dashboard log and then select the option to update to WordPress. In 10 seconds or so, you are set.

Depending on your server settings, however, will not work in auto-update option. In this case, you can delete and (an average of 15 minutes for WordPress files, including Internet connection), which takes a lot of FTP, upload the file, which means you’ll need to update manually.

Is there a better way? Yeah, and it’s called SSH-. SSH- stands for Secure Shell, and it is a protocol for remote communication. Using this protocol, you can basically use your computer to connect to the server and you can perform such commands.

WARNING: If you mess up and lose all the things, before trying any type of update Make sure to backup all your data. Try the clothes on your own risk.

First of all you have to ensure SSH- to activate your account you need to contact your hosting provider. After that you can login to your server by typing


Command line, and then you will be prompted to put in your password. Usually your FTP account username and password are the same, but they may be different.

If you are logged in, which is where WordPress is installed in your public_html directory, you need to browse. If you are using a sub-directory, navigate to it. Then download the latest WordPress files of this type:


Then decompress the file type that:

Complete tar latest.tar.gz

Next, we need to delete the admin WP- and which sites you can work with the following command, WP- includes:

RM -rf ./wp-includes
RM -rf ./wp-admin

Now, to the root directory of a new WP- WP-admin and type the following command to move so as to:

MV ./wordpress/wp-admin ./
MV ./wordpress/wp-includes ./

Finally, to go inside with WordPress directory

CD WordPress

And delete old ones parent directory (ie, root) copies of its content:

CP -rpf -f * ../

Finally, type “cd ..” to go back to the root directory, and you can download the tar file and delete both of these WordPress sites:

RM -rf ./wordpress/
RM -f latest.tar.gz

That’s it. All you have to do now (ie, is to run the upgrade script on your WordPress install.

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