Careful with What You Are Loading on Your 404 Pages

I started to change my cache plugin remove unnecessary plugins and favorable options on the table, and then I closed the old post comments.

Despite the fact that the site did not load as quickly as it could, it could be a problem, so I started exploring.

CPU- use of the many influences that happened to me for some reason I have 404 pages, is consuming a lot of resources realized.

I’m sure enough, when I went to see what there is to show the problem: Many years ago (ie, 3 or 4), so that I, 404 pages posted my whole archive would be cool to show that this idea was a lost user can easily browse around . At that time I was 400 or so posts, and the site was small, so this is not a server problem.

But these days I have close to 2,000 posts, as well as traffic increases, so that the murder was linked to a server in about 404 pages will be served serving every time. I’m just a simple 404 page with an error message that change and the difference was noticeable.

I probably do not know that you are not loading link 404 to 2,000 pages, but even small scripts or plug-ins to get you to call a 404 error, especially if it could be a problem (this is often linked to people you have a lot of backlinks, as tends to happen at the wrong URL- ).

So make sure to double your 404 lean and mean.

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