Twitter Less, Blog More!

Twitter is gaining these days to follow, I am sure that this will be a controversial topic.

Yet here it goes: less and more blogs on Twitter!.

Now let me draw my argument.

Twitter is a very useful online application for various purposes, I do not think that is. It is in front of a computer all day alone at home or work that allows people to socialize. It’s another level of bloggers and website owners to allow them to interact with readers. It can even make a new friend and not allowed to get in touch with people that otherwise would be inaccessible.

Lately, though, I see the problem, they say, there are some interesting useful or funny, even when a lot of people on Twitter is a priority; Or they have to share resources. In those situations, I find it a bit more of your thoughts and ideas to develop, and instead of your blog posts seems to be a good idea.

Why? Because of your property to your blog. It’s the Internet for you will be the most important position. It is the place where people go when they should be thinking about. Your blog, Twitter (of course, if you only query).

If you do not like to think in terms of, even if it is rather nervous because some blogs have chosen element. In the long run, and every picture of every backlink count. Every time you instead of something interesting you are risking to lose visitors and backlinks to estimate what blogging Twitter.

It is expressed in the post. Although my initial query was about. We have over 140 character limit, it “is probably what you should be blogging instead you seem nervous, hey?” Would be something like

Instead of doing that, though, the more I develop my thoughts and decided to create a post with it.

Now think about two people from the online world today. One strategy I am describing here. Other infrequently blogging, Twitter is religious. After one year, I have Twitter accounts, while the latter is a popular former, there is doubt that a popular blog.

Which one would you rather have?

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