Top 5 Blogging Myths

Despite the huge popularity of blogs around the Internet, many people still have a distorted view of the whole phenomenon. Blogs are nothing more than online diaries; Blogs can not be trusted; You can not make money with a blog … or so the argument goes.

Below you will find 5 common myths blogging, check it out:

Myth 1: “Blogs are teenagers share their personal experiences”

People in your cat, your aunt or your school could not care less about the adventures, and the serious blogger did not know it. Sure, blogs man of the day with friends and family to share their thoughts and day appear as the online diary. But that was five years ago!

During this period, the blog evolved into efficient content management platform. Nowadays, you go to the newspapers and magazines are competing professional blog. In addition to corporations around the world to adopt a customer relationship and marketing as a blog.

Myth 2: “Blog is a marginal phenomenon, no one reads them represent”

Mainstream blogs can be considered to ensure that there is a lot of market research. Pew Internet Project estimates that nearly 32 million Americans read blogs on a regular basis.

Blogging in the United States, just as (if not more), popular especially if you consider a large number of other countries.

Myth 3: “You can not make real money with blogs”

TechCrunch, Problogger, Boing Boing Shoemoney, Steve Pavlina, Chinese, and the list goes on. Those guys are making six-figure income from their blogs. What is more important, some of them no more than a couple of hours to devote to blogging every day.

Of the average blogger, you might say, it is A-Listers? The daily blog tips, 6 months old and it already (despite the fact that under monetized) is produced monthly $ 1000. It is, for example, be difficult to replicate the success of a TechCrunch. But the monthly $ 50,000 you will need to be considered successful, your blog, is not it?

Myth 4: “I can create a normal website when you why should I Blog”

Blogs are constantly updated content, especially if you have many advantages over traditional websites. It is, for example, the blog is very easy to organize information chronologically, and search engines love that kind of structure.

If that was not enough to build a highly efficient platform for community blog they represent the means, to facilitate user interaction.

Myth 5: “Blogging is not just a fad and it will soon pass”

So many of them are disabled and that, sooner or later argue that blogs are just going to die. By Technorati released the latest “state of the blogosphere” Blogosphere growth rate decreased slightly to make sure. But growth is still there, guess what.

120.00 Every day new blogs are created. More (up from 12 in 2006) in 22 of the top 100 most popular blogs in the media. Groups represented corner-stones of the Internet, and in the near future there is no sign that will change.

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