Do You Still Subscribe via RSS and Use an RSS Reader?

Nearly three years ago, RSS subscribers had one main goal for any content-based websites, including blogs. The reason? Most web visitors (at least the most tech-savvy ones) keep you updated on the latest news using RSS readers, and they decide what to visit websites.

Over time, however, some people point to that news outlets proclaimed the death of RSS, RSS reader and subscribe via RSS to stop the site.

I think a lot of people still use it, because I say that RSS is dead or dying would not go as far, and RSS reader, and that is not popular, even if the RSS can be used for many other great things.

That being said, I have fewer and fewer people are using RSS readers, and RSS losing some of its important content-based sites that agreed to. I, however, wanted to get some numbers to back this up, so I decided to run a poll.

Q: Do you still subscribe via RSS site and do not use an RSS reader to keep updated with your favorite sites and news sources? Cast your vote and leave a comment if you want to expand your thinking.

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