7 Easy Ways to Win a Blog Contest

Have fun as a promotional strategy or whatever, a lot of blogs today are running competitions that reward their readers. Many of these contests to win it, but I would expect it easier than ever to assure you that it seems impossible. Do not get me wrong, winning gift for reading this post will take a little work to do in the rain from the sky; However, with a little effort and ingenuity you can be on a shoe-in the next contest.

1. Participation

People say they want to participate need to repeat it in fact so fundamental. You do not have to put yourself out there, you will be rewarded. Problogger Hundreds of people participated in a competition, but I happen to know that people in small and mid-sized blogs am constantly amazed at how little the contest. For example, one of my blog, I have $ 1200 worth of software you’re holding a little contest. How competitive? 6. How many participants are currently Shoeperstar competition? According to Jeremy – 20, and the 15,000 readers of a blog. The odds are with you …

2. Size up the competition

To submit your entry will not be in a rush. Rushing through the rest of the competition before the end of the test is the equivalent student. Take your time to size up the competition for bragging rights is of no benefit to the. You can better understand where the bar is set, so to see how much effort they are putting forth.

3. Show proof that you belong to

Niche blogs that belong to the time you submit your judge (s) to ensure that evidence. For example, minor SEO skills, showing off in this competition and I proved in the internet marketing niche. Fifteen minutes of inbound link building practice what I preach can (via the Google SERPs) judges have social proof.

4. Provide Over

After sizing up the competition, providing over blow them out of the water. Here are a few ideas:

**The use of video or audio
**To create a brand new blog just for the competition
**A little (famous people, talent, or to humor association) Show
**To be memorable

5. Leverage your resources

Compile a list of all resources is a very valuable activity (regardless of whether or not you are in a competition) may be. At your disposal, both online and off-line asset tracking. If the results of the competition it is very important to the ordinary public voting. For example, you can take your blog readers? A forum group owe you a favor? Here are a few that you have laying around and do not have the resources to:

**(Whether or not owned by you) blogging community
**Participate in forum
**Friends, family, and co-workers
**Links to social bookmarking owes you or anyone

6. Promote Yourself

Shameless self-promotion time, though, is true if you are trying to accomplish, if they did, no one told me about you know (or care) would be. Ultimately making a connection with the people will support you because (this is very common blogging or for life). Some ideas include:

**Be an active commenter on the blog competition.
**As well as two, StumbleUpun, or to leverage social media as reddit
**To help you get exposure to write guest posts on other blogs

7. A gracious winner (or loser) to

Whether you win or lose, it’s how you play. Dirty means you did not win? If you had a sore loser? The situation, how you present yourself to the competition can affect your chances of winning the next one. No one much smaller place than bad and think the Internet is one of the people have not forgotten. Make some noise and have fun doing it – when the blogging competition presents itself, do not think just throwing your hat in the ring. Good luck!

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