5 Weird Uses for Twitter

“Pirate Ninja hug for cancer” never-ending stream of users drowning, collapse under their own weight, such as Facebook and MySpace as a growing application of social sites, Twitter is gaining ground in the high-tech haiku. 140 characters to answer the question “What are you doing?”, A Global Information Network simple status messages from services has increased. Here we look at five people on Twitter are using the product.

1. Get out of jail

Apparently the authorities do not want that kind of thing, because journalism student James Earl Buck, an anti-government demonstration were arrested by Egyptian police for taking pictures. (You can tell he is a journalist) “Choices” – – he only had time to send one word from her cellphone, but he lit up like a bat-signal, then he could not have got a more effective response. Her twitter account statements sent to the phone, and within hours of a global network of friends and colleagues was the case. American Friends of the American Embassy, the home of the University of Berkeley, told The Associated Press. In the nine key presses, international diplomatic pressure and James armed with global media scrutiny – and he was released in less than a day.

2. Write a book.

Japan has been met with mixed feelings in the world of literature to emerge cellphone novel. The new book, train, bus or on their day off work skiving “author” by writing a sentence at a time, last year, the Japanese have dominated the list of top sellers. Some get involved in literature to prevent the death of the book, as these are providing a route for troubled youth cyber. Others touchpads and lit up a point of single-digit attention spans and “real writing” is jam with heart, where the death of literature, to see it as. Whatever your feelings about it in a year, five out of the top ten bestsellers of marketing until you can not ignore, and Twitter is ideally placed to take advantage of. Twitter recently done a lot of stories like “captain” and schizophrenically triple composition “140 Novel”, including, already a fact.

3. Create a digital assistant

Twitter is a true technophile tool, and you “in 140 characters or less my life” fingers and toes, and you’re playing the odds are you’re registered on the site more than the other. No techno-heads do the bidding of us dreamed of conjuring a digital assistant, and the world would be a much less satisfying than holodecks bidding, while it can still be quite handy.

M1k3y the grinder, the phone lets you forward this notice and where the people are saying about you on track, and inflate your ego (or your rage triggers) that can make a step-by-step guide to building a Twitter-secretary post mail or instant messaging. Digital hordes of adoring which refused to materialize those who are not very good, and bad – to reach a broader audience Great for artists who embrace the Internet. In both cases, each day will open up a lot more time to be productive (or better) twenty different sites is refreshing.

4. Talk to your plants

Reach out and touch somebody could Triffids that it was the only plant that is used. Now, the technology lets you talk to your houseplants long distances – and this time, it will really help them grow better. Water sensor, an Ethernet connection and an old mobile phone, you get a combination of the horn when they need water, you can equip your houseplants with your phone number.

They even started getting blessed by cyber-active plant turns out that once the doctor until you die if you do not be surprised, though, if you “thank you” can be programmed. And you’ll get some funny looks – “Fern my phone,” Excuse me. Some farmers may even be triggered by long-distance remote watering system is set up, so you will not see your plants all the time – that you beg the question of why, even though they’re growing.

5 to lose faith in humanity.

Twittervision 3D is an incredible application, moments after they happen live from around the world to Twitters updates on a rotating three-dimensional world is. A flat 2D version as well, but it really does not get across the scale of the project – a simple web technology and innovation together with one voice as a species roping, how we’re connected together representing the vast swathes of humanity to reach the globe. And then someone “put on my ice cream ketchup LOLLOL” to use that voice to say. And realize we’ve got a ways to go yet.

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