5 Sources of Inspiration for Your Business Blog

It comes to content marketing, new issues coming up with the number one problem facing most companies. You, 3-5 blog posts per week, plus a video of the articles and whitepapers to write, write, and so forth in a company newsletter, you feel like you’ve run out of things to say, easy to short. Do not be discouraged! Sometimes all you have to do is think about your appearance and your industry is changing and you have a completely new team blog, just waiting to be written about you’ll find!

Here are 5 places you can look for inspiration today:

1. The competitor’s newsletter

Two steps behind, you leave it as you do not want to copy the competition, but that competition can be used as a source of inspiration for your blog does not mean. The company newsletter and subscribe to the blog RSS feed and see what kind of issues they are focusing on. This is useful in two different ways. First, you pull nuggets of information from their blog posts and you’ll be able to take your own spin on it. The competition has made their research, then chances are, they are writing to you as the content is geared towards the same target audience. Second, it gives you a good idea of what your competition is about to be written. If you dominate and you can claim as your own niche in what you see? What is important is that your target audience is hungry for information they are going? Write blog posts that fill the gaps in the marketing of the content, you are differentiating your brand and building authorities.

2. frontline staff

Deal with every day that your customers are your company does? It’s so forth sales clerk, checkout counters, people, customer care, the field agent and. These people interact with your customers on a daily basis; Perhaps the fact that they need to understand and explain what your target audience wants better than a marketing report. Ask them to keep an ear to the ground for blogs. They usually hear what kind of question or complaint? They are worn down every conversation with current or potential customers, and can be turned into a blog post!

3. Website FAQ

If you’re really struggling for blogs, why not check out the FAQ on your own website? Some of those issues at the time you decided it was important enough to dedicate them to the web in real estate, so why not turn them into your content and blog posts to recycle? Content marketing is only as hard as you make it, and you’re trying to come up with each time a new blog post on the subject, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

4. Webinar question / answer sessions

Webinars are trying to connect with potential customers is a valuable tool for B2B companies. Why not get more value for your webinar and blog topic question / answer session will be used? Ask each question posed by someone in your target audience is (already signed up for the webinar on your own merit). There is the possibility that the same question has been asked by their target audience or market your webinar is not the only member. Keep a notepad and write down questions they are ready to come through, as well as some notes about your answer. With Webinar When you’re done, turn it notes that in a few blog posts and schedule them to go out.

5. In the comments section of the blog

Sometimes more interesting than the comments section of the blog post itself. Comments can add your blog’s comments section and conversations with each other in a whole new direction can spin off. People ask you to clarify one point or another, the opinion will not ask questions. Even some of your blog posts, or disagree with certain aspects of the post, and comments can share their opinions. Comb through some of your well-liked blog posts and see what readers have to say!

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