5 Reasons You’ll Love the WordPress Editorial Calendar

Do you struggle to organize in advance of your blog posts? Blogging for my first two years I did too.

I have an editorial calendar and knew the importance of advance planning started blogging in my blog when I’ve got a background in journalism.

This is my blog and my readers that they can quickly get the information out there to help you, because I’ve made things clear in my blog.

But despite my best intentions, I plan my blog posts do not have a good way of scheduling.

In fact, it was a real conversation.

The first is a text document I continued my editorial calendar, then I can take out my posting, and when it was built and had to switch into WordPress. It caused a lot of time-wasting and elderly.

I have finally discovered a better way. Namely WordPress Editorial Calendar plug-in, which was created by Jack Grossbart.

Here’s what I love about WordPress Editorial Calendar plug-in:

1. This plan makes it easy to post to the blog

Now I have a blog post up to five weeks at a time to see my editorial calendar and even further in the coming months by clicking on the schedule. I was assigned to the post have already been published and is still a draft and, if necessary, as well as the post of the blog, which you can see at a glance.

2. You can see a screen with your full editorial calendar

Now I can see all of them on one page instead of my having to browse through drafts. I have a lot of drafts, because it is a huge advantage for me. Some of them fully fleshed than others blog is edited and everything in between, it is not just the title.

3. It is easy to reschedule the blog post.

Drag editorial calendar and I am just being good for 24th in the 31 that can drag on and will be posted when it has been determined that a blog post is dropping.

4. It helps you structure the content of your blog

I’m writing too much about the expense of others is one thing I know it’s easy to see a certain topic is missing or can not see at a glance all the posts. What if I need to quickly edit and modify the blog post title, content, and production times, there is an option.

5. It allows you to be more creative

Top content writing and coming up with compelling headlines – and when I’m going to post so that’s what I love to do good for more free time, so do not waste time wondering what to do.
WordPress Editorial Calendar plug-in system errors

But there is not a lot of editorial calendars. The most annoying thing is that you do not automatically appear on the calendar before you install plug-ins that created the drafts. If you install a plug-in option in the editorial calendar is used to create your draft posts.

But what the heck do you expect?

It’s free! It is easy to use and it works.
WP editorial calendar for you, right?

To learn more, see the slideshow five minutes and you can even play around with the plug-in and install it before you can make sure you do what is right for the benefit of sandbox where you can log in.

I tell them to check out your blog posts and more free time to plan for the Creative Blogging struggle to free itself from the recommendation.

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