The Best Sources of Content for WordPress Users

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, and I have a lot of readers daily blog tips wordpress ability to use their own blogs. As a WordPress user, I enjoy reading about the platform and up-to-date with news from the WordPress community. The great thing about WordPress almost any topic you can think of, there is plenty of information available, and by reading from other users and designers will be able to find that the possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking for technical documentation or support, the first place to look is the Codex and forums. However, I think you will appreciate that the WP is a good amount of content you want to share some of the blogs and websites. A theme designer / developer or a blogger who is looking to get more out of WordPress, visit some of these sites and see for yourself.

Weblog Tools Collection (Added by Daniel)

Published by Mark Ghosh, Weblog Tools Collection is featuring continuous news about WordPress and its development. Highlights of the latest release of WordPress plugins and themes they have a regular column. Finally, they just featuring all sorts of videos related to WordPress, the site released a video section.

WP Candy

Up-to-date with WordPress WP Candy WP occurring in the community, and it does an excellent job of keeping the readers. I’ve subscribed to for a little while and I WordPress bloggers, not just as a source of information for theme designers recommend it. WordPress WP Candy is probably the best thing that will help is available in sheets (see also help to improve the sheet). There are four simple ways to speed up WordPress is useful information.

Specky Boy

Specky Boy general WordPress articles on design. I used the super-clean design and layout Specky Boy’m not a fan. Last month 63 Essential WordPress Hacks, Tutorials, Help Files, and Cheats There was a large collection of links. 30 free resources for Photobloggers also want to see photoblogging and image galleries.

Pro Blog Design

Michael Martin is a blog designer and his own blog (where you want to make some customizations to the theme that bloggers) is one of the best resource for WordPress theme designers. Michael quite as often as he used to not post too, but I recommend it to any of the blog designer. Archives, to the point that the practical and easy to follow tutorial. To remove some of the must-read post on your theme, and RSS subscriber count to drink plain text, comments, trackbacks division includes 13 tags.


WPDesigner small potatoes, designer home was a popular theme, but was recently sold. I’ll be interested to see how the new owner Pawel Ciszewski site maintenance. WPDesigner small potatoes sold and the $ 5 premium theme by theme club, only $ 5 per year for at least 12 premium themes available to a paid membership. WPDesigner blog at WordPress theme for anyone looking to learn more about the introductory article, which is an excellent WordPress themes huh?, You want to create, and especially so, there is some reference material.


Perhaps the most well-known bloggers on, Lorelle gives you lots of practical advice and support for other WordPress bloggers. The WordPress news, themes, and plug-compatible content on it.


Noupe another blog for a while that my feed reader. Noura covers general web design, but also in your WordPress WordPress posts, including the powerful guide in a four-post series, many focuses. That the four posts 45 WordPress themes, WordPress lifesavers strong list of plug-ins, and see 60+ unusual WordPress blog design, and hack your WordPress theme is the control strategy.

Museums and Galleries

For any length of time you were around in the web design, CSS gallery, which showcases high-quality websites, very familiar with. WordPress-based sites and blogs that include only have a few specialty galleries. This is an excellent resource for design inspiration, and see what is possible with WordPress. I know that we have three WordPress Gallery WP and WP and WordPress Garden of Love Cube.

What are your favorites?

I blog WordPress content of this list only scratches the surface really know. What WordPress blog you can depend on for news or tips? 3 WP design from one side to another one already mentioned is aware of?

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