Leave the subscription to comments unchecked

Subscribe to Comments” WordPress plugin enables readers to subscribe to a particular post when leaving a comment. Then plug in the post when new comments send email updates.

You can not imagine the sense of community to promote and improve the interaction between readers is a very useful plug-ins. There are many bloggers commit a mistake when installing plug-ins, however, are, and that a “follow-up comments by email Notify me” to leave ?? Box is checked by default.

Why would this be wrong? Because any reader who is not familiar with the blog, do not pay attention to this feature. They will give their comments and will not necessarily be interested in the following conversation. They subscribed to the Post (unconsciously) the chagrin of the readers on your site, you should get more comments to be bombarded with emails.

By default, if you uncheck the box that you are really interested in following the conversation to ensure that only people who will receive the email.

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