How to Stop Trackback Spam on WordPress

I’m getting some of my websites strange trackbacks. They are connected to one of the articles and other links.

Sites are usually WordPress. They are mine, but nothing else, including the many articles, there are links.

I have a way of fooling Google in some way to boosting guess one of the links on the site.

Should I delete them?

Yes, they are probably spam trackbacks, who will erase.

One of the problems with most blogging platforms people can easily abuse trackback feature. WordPress, for example, you have a box right below the text editor at the post URL to users. “Send trackbacks” and their post or update, and possibly a link to your blog, a trackback will notice that in the comments section of your blog.

Users post URL’s on the field, then the hundreds, therefore, he will be generating hundreds of backlinks. Most likely, nothing will nofollowed, but still he would gain traffic and visibility in the search engines.

Sometimes automatic trackback feature will not work, and then the user will need to include a link on the body of the post. That, perhaps, the kind you see. After a while you can delete the post that, and where they remain trackbacks.

An alternative to manually deleting the trackback spam, but it might start taking a lot of time. If you want to solve the problem for good, there are two options.

Trackbacks are not one, but a filtering system. My recommendation would be to plug the validity of these simple recipes.

More stringent, which is a second option is to remove the trackback froom your single post page. I have to comment on your WordPress blog posts that explain how the individual trackback.

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