How to move a blog to a new host

Consequently, I was forced to move to a faster and more reliable one. Some of my concern that the move will cause chaos, despite the move was really smooth. If you are experiencing any downtime without losing data and without any transfer to a new host your blog will get to the bottom of the steps that should be followed.

**You can use it to disable WordPress Cache and WP-Cache plugin
**Copy all the files from your old host to use an FTP application
**Backup your MySQL database (you can use phpMyAdmin to do this)
Wp-content / cache / delete all the files inside the folder
**Upload the file to the new host
**New hosts a new MySQL database, and import all the tables from your backup
**The new user name, password and database name you wish to change the wp-config.php file
**Change your domain DNS host name

The search engine spiders and visitors can shut down the old one to the new directive once the new host for the DNS to propagate across the Internet, it will take up to 48 hours, (sometimes it can be much faster).

Then you can move the control panel when you get error 404 links to updates and new permalink structure should ensure that the host has enabled Mod Rewrite.

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