Bring The World To Your WordPress Dashboard And Save Time!

Time is our most precious resource as a blogger. We are, therefore, useful content to our blog writing, networking and can spend it.

Yet we know examples, statistics, and the need to moderate the use of social media to check the comments, and a large part of the tasks of our time tend to suck. I want to check my earnings, for example, if I have to go to 3 or 4 different sites. I decided to tweet, then, I’ll go on Twitter!

We can take care of those from within the WordPress dashboard right, then it will save a lot of time?

I have something you can use to carry out these tasks without leaving WordPress plugins that have decided to write this post. Enjoy.

1. Analytics 360 plug-ins

360 pull your Google Analytics and MailChimp data analysis and that can show your WordPress Dashboard is an awesome WordPress plugin.

You (optional) Mailchimp API key and a Google Analytics account in order to work. Once installed, † ‘Analytics 360, go to Settings and enter your API key and start pulling information to allow it with Google Analytics.

When that is done, you are going to a dashboard that makes it easy any time you can view the stats of your Analytics and MailChimp statistics † ‘Analytics 360 °.

2. My Gmail

My Gmail plugin for WordPress dashboard simply displays your unread mail. However, just because it works on the HTTPS, your Gmail option “Always use https” Do not forget to check!

For more Gmail productivity and time-saving tips, check out my post on this long: Gmail productivity powerhouse at the turn.

3. Google Adsense short

Google AdSense brief you today, yesterday, this month, last month and allows you to check all the Adsense revenue for the period. Once installed, go to the Settings page and enter your username and password. After that, any time you can see from the dashboard income for your account!

4. Comments on the dashboard

Do not reply to your comments? No!

Oh my God!

That can not be true.

If you do not respond to comments, the sky will fall down and you lose all your visitors!

OK, OK, nothing like that will happen, but in response to the comments can help you a lot. Here are 5 good reasons why you should respond to each comment.

Now WordPress dashboard “TIP”, a beautiful widget. The only problem is that it presents excerpts of comments. So, you have to respond to or comment on the latest post. This takes another 1 or more clicks. How about straight from the WP dashboard replygin?

Commenting on the dashboard of the comments on your dashboard instead is a simple plugin that will show excerpts. This means that you can easily reply to comments. Widgets 30 comments (show from there on it is a “configure” to set the number of links and see the Hover the mouse over the title bar) to show up. No mumbo- jumbo involved, there just install and forget!

5. Tools

Twitter tools you can reduce a lot of another nice plugin. If it is, you can:

**Tweet from the WordPress dashboard († ‘tweet Posts)
**Twitter Tools widget where tweets from your blog.
**Tweet about new posts automatically.
**Your tweets “digestion” and your blog, create one.
**It is the latest in a list of sidebar Addreply tweets and filters!

After installing the plugin, just Ԡ a query tools in the settings of your Twitter account information and optionally, username and API key. Now, you can tweet right from your blog any time!

Note: Do not expect a full Twitter client! The plugin is very simple in terms of tweets and you want to write quickly is good for 1 or 2 odd tweets!

6. Feed Statistics

As the name suggests that Twitter statistics, you can see that FeedBurner stats.

Install it, ‘† a feed statistics, go to Settings and enter the URL of your feed. Click Save, and now, you are going to a dashboard, you can easily see all of the data feed are ready † ‘feed statistics. Feed can view statistics for the last 10 days. Members of the statistics you can see, hits and is reachable.

6 Useful FeedBurner features that are usually ignored: You can learn more about some interesting features to FeedBurner.

7. Plugin Central

Plugin Central, you will manage and upgrade your plugins.

When an upgrade is available for any of your plugins, it changes and “Right” in your WordPress dashboard “updates” link will be added to the name of the widget with the plugin. And yes, there is the option of “all” upgrade is!

At the end, you are entering in the URL or more than one type of plug-ins can be installed!

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