Top 7 Ways to Make Your Posts Pop on Social Media

As a marketing tool, blogging is still very much alive and kicking. One example: a study by Social Media Examiner, 58 percent of marketers social media content written in their place as the No. 1 priority. Meanwhile, they plan next year to more than 68 per cent of the blog.

Blogging for business has to consider it, the statistics make sense. According to HubSpot, companies that blog that every month more website visitors, the more inbound links, the more indexed pages and bring in more leads. Of course, this question is assuming blog:

**high quality
**To get readers to take a preferred course of action
**Well-represented in social media

Now, in the meantime, I’ll discuss this post No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 knows how to do: the noisy world of social media alias draw eyeballs to your blog.

1. Craft a kickass title

Copyblogger is believed, at least half of your time should be spent writing the title. The headline read eight to 10 people bother to read the rest because that only 2 out of 10, when.

Sound absurd? In fact it is not. Many articles readers can consume only a day, so they want to read a piece out of the hundreds on their newsfeed, they should be able to tell? In 5 seconds flat? Whether or not it’s worth reading. In other words, a title, a medium piece clickbait-Y may not be recovered, but a ho-hum title is a surefire way to get a nice article bypassed.

The curiosity of the readers of the book buzzFeed push the button that appears, and try to take a leaf out of craft titles. You can also refer to a comprehensive guide to the headline of the buffer, or HubSpot, patterns like those from WebpageFX title generator can cheat your way through the headline ideas.

2. Always include at least one image

A wise man once said: “One grain of rice can tip the scale. One image can be the difference between victory and defeat.” Mulan references aside, it’s amazing to have a picture in your social share count!

A study by OkDork, as those without post with pictures and share on Facebook and Twitter to get twice as likely. These tags allow you to customize the thumbnails pulled by social networking sites since Moreover, by using the Open Graph meta tags into the post three times more likely to get is. For a detailed instructions on using Open Graph, see the post by Jay Hoffman. SEO plugin by Yoast SEO as you use, You’re in luck? Open Graph meta tags are built into the plugin.

3. Carefully select your picture

It is, however, not enough to have just an image. According to HubSpot, your image has to be:

**Relevant. A post is about a recipe, a Star Wars action figure you can use an image? Maybe, if you do not love your headline will Lasagna Luke Skywalker? 5 is on the way.?

**Cute. When you have a title like “10 Ways to escape the corporate rat race,” falling asleep over it in an oh-so-typical image of an office worker in a suit and a man rushing past the finish line to use a picture like this desk.

**high quality. Are you a photographer shit? ? T aren from the man who is the source of your images. ?, Do you trust me in that way. For those of you out there for free, and even the equipment, there are literally thousands of high quality pictures.

**Optimized for all screen sizes. Hammy like a plugin will take care of this for you.

**Your rights to use. This one can be tricky. If you’re not careful, you paid $ 4,000 for a $ 10 photo could end up like those of these copywriters. It is not necessary to the Creative Commons Attribution image, or the image of the Creative Commons Zero, in order to find the best.

The more you post, the image of these criteria, the best views.

4. overlay text on your images

Superimposed on photos of beautiful scenery worthy quotes you know who? Text overlaying the image of a great example. People are naturally attracted to visuals, since they serve as excellent marketing materials. Also, thanks to the following equipment, quite simple:

**Canva. Templates, custom image size, and its user-friendly features like drag-and-drop interface, Canva is perfect for those who do not have the resources to hire a professional designer.

**Pablo. Here, you have to do is type in your text on a background image, and you’re good to go. Such as font size and style of other customization options are available.

**PicMonkey. If your needs are basic features, PicMonkey is free. Edit, crop, and direct your browser to perform a fundamental change of image.

** ReciteThis. Like PicMonkey, ReciteThis a free, web-based tool. With its intuitive interface you will know your way around in no time, it ensures.

Spruce photos or text overlaying the image, your marketing campaign if you want to add a creative twist to a great strategy to learn. For more tips on this, check out these 19 inspiring examples.

5.Figure Tailor the size of social networks

Yes, size is very important. Wide image opposite is true when, for example, the image of a tall, works well for Pinterest than Facebook. While the general rule is as follows: buffer, social media posts, ideal for larger image has a great post:

Facebook: 1,200 X 628 pixels
Twitter: 1,024 X 512 pixels
Google +: 800 x 1,200 pixels
LinkedIn: 800 x 800 pixels
Pinterest: 735 x 1,102 pixels
Instagram: 1,200 X 1,200 pixels

If you take into account the size, you cut down your images without distorting or your social platform to meet the optimum amount of screen real estate.

6. Use the power of suggestion

No, we’re not talking about the Jedi mind tricks. “Hey, can you do it for me: we say that the signs flashing, your audience is talking about giving up? It’s free!” It’s easy to tweet tweet with a quote from your article, or want to appeal to your readers? Pin It button on the inside with a readily-accessible pinner have your images.

7. The application of color to your audience

People unconsciously respond to colors. Red is associated with passion, when, for example, yellow, often is associated with optimism. Here are the details that you know how to mix and balance between them, you’ll be able to avoid the syndrome of school uniforms; That is, the presence of complementary colors, but boring.

However, be careful not to oversimplify the meaning of colors. Marketing strategist Gregory Ciotti quote 😕 “Etc, personal preferences, experience, upbringing, cultural differences, in the context of the elements ,, etc. are often muddy the effect of individual colors. Therefore, hyper-specific emotion, such as yellow or purple color that allows you to invoke some sort of idea as accurate as your standard Tarot Card Reading . “for in? T say it better myself.

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