PSD to WordPress Project Still Going Strong

I was a software to convert PSD files (ie, Photoshop format) Functional WordPress themes wrote about a company that was created automatically. They had only a beta version, and the project will go ahead or not, then (as it represents quite a technological challenge) I was not sure at that time.

What looks like they pulled it off, and the government has already released products. Divine Elemente is, without the need to touch the code, which will convert your PSD files on the fly WordPress theme will be a Photoshop plug.

Apart from the conversion feature of the plugin, which also aims to facilitate the “960 grid,” the same layout, Typography tools and a system including the possibility of creating different pages, the theme comes with a bunch of tools to help the designer theme for beginners.
How many?

Product costs $ 199, and you have a 30-day free trial to test it out. It’s not just about the cheapest Photoshop plug-ins, but it is a theme to be sold or become an attractive investment for your website / business to promote the free ones to start creating some think it could use.
You guys are using it, then share your opinions with us.

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