Are You Familiar with HTML and CSS?

I started blogging a few years ago I was involved with web design. In my opinion, having a blog of code to work with many bloggers choose not to pursue a huge advantage.

Apart from you rather than relying on a professional to do it for you, any time you change your blog and will help to cope with the coding is done, create an interesting blog, or design approach, rather than just with the theme you have chosen is available limiting itself to.

Blogs from time to time a bit of customization required, and for someone who has no experience with HTML or CSS, this is a bit of fear. (Who are not comfortable with the way you’ve been working with WordPress, if you really just want to make a lot of customizations that require a basic knowledge of, and you do not even need to know PHP PHP in most cases only) to recognize it and change the HTML to avoid it will be able to.

In my opinion, more bloggers are relatively easy to learn coding languages HTML and CSS, the basic knowledge should be explored. Here you can learn more about HTML and CSS are just some of the time.

1 – You save money

You can change your blog or someone else is paying to design your theme, you learn how to do these things, you could save some money. Even then, you still have to acquire some knowledge or some more advanced themes can pay for the work, but in general the changes made by bloggers without requiring a lot of skill and a lot of experience can be achieved quite easily.

2 – opens up new opportunities

The other theme is you’re relying on others to do for you if you want to include that element, or, if you want to be able to implement this idea will not be able to take advantage of all your blog. With a little investment to be able to work with the code, you can quickly make your ideas into practice.

3 – Upgrade WordPress

If you are using WordPress for a while, you probably had to go through the upgrade process, or else you have been putting it off for fear of possible complications. Should not cause any problems during the upgrade involved a minor problem with the file revealed so comfortable and not afraid, you probably have a lot more confidence. You’re avoiding the upgrade for a long period of time you are taking a serious security risk (due to the stability of many bloggers chose not to upgrade immediately).

4 – Working with the plugin

WordPress is one of the great benefits of using a large number of great plugins that are available. However, not all of them easy to install and put into action. If you’re not comfortable with some plugins in the first file may be a long job, which files, you will need to make some minor changes to one or more. In addition to installing the plugin, you can really help to get these problems fixed quickly, knowing a little about the code again run into bugs from time-to-time with various plugins, and so on.

5 – Changes in the sidebar

If you do not want to change the theme or if, every now and then, you probably want to make some minor changes to your sidebar. Widgetized theme without editing code, you can not change anything, but you can do whatever you want with the widget you are not able to do it. Sidebar change the usability and functionality of your blog can make a big difference, so you can check in and check out some of the different shipping. In the file changes in the sidebar you can quickly and easily improve your blog sizable.

6 – Get creative

Most bloggers just stuck on the post sector. If you are able and willing to get involved with the code, then you really can do with your blog, there is no limit. If you’re willing to take the time to learn just about anything is possible.

Recommended Learning Resources:

Are already familiar with basic HTML and CSS, and you’re interested in learning more about how WordPress, if Codex is filled with useful information. You can check out some of the articles WordPress themes, WordPress theme development for CSS, and customize the template file to include lessons on the use of a collection of articles.

Fortunately, HTML and CSS have plenty of places to find out about. One of the most popular tutorials and learning sites have a number of different tutorials W3 Schools is. HTML is another useful resource that dog very much your time is worth. And a decent section on HTML and CSS.

If you’re more interested in the book, Visual Quickstart Guide: HTML, XHTML and CSS is a good place to start. Both assume a basic knowledge of CSS, even though two of my favorite books on CSS, CSS Mastery and bulletproof Web design. Parts of the book are dedicated to other blogging platform, blog design solution, though, is another good choice for WordPress users

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