6 Quick Ways to Improve Your Blog

You have to play in a few hours, and you want to give your blog’s. It is fully in building a new theme or category / tag (at least if you have a large site) redoing not enough time to take a major project, but you want to do something to make your blog better.

If you find yourself with that blessing, it will take less than an hour and take just a few minutes, all of which are five things you can do right now to improve your blog, either.

Best of all, this thing is, in most cases, there will be an immediate or near-immediate impact on your site. Making it more approachable with good content.

So here are some ways you can improve your site right now.
1. Tweak your theme.

If you need to overhaul your theme is entirely about tweaking it a little time, but it may not have? Thus making it easy to read your writing, you can improve your site’s typography, then why do not you? It may be time for a good logo?

However, in a perfect world, one does not affect the look of the site is to read it, look it affects readability, especially when it is a pretty important to our agreement. Look at your site visually analyze and address them at its weakest point in a few moments.

It is as simple as adding a new RSS button, even if it could be a huge help.

2. Run a Site Speed Test

How fast your site loads? What’s the slowing it down? If you do not know, you run a site and find out the speed of the analysis. Then you pay more than the host or moving, is slowing down the speed of your site and you should notice a drastic difference in whatever you have to do is eliminate all.

If you have files that are slowing down, but can not remove them, greatly increasing the speed of the Amazon CloudFront download them cheaply or Rackspace Cloud consider hosting them. Also, you need to drag them from the site, be sure to optimize the image.

3. Tweak / add static pages

Read the blog for the day-to-day content of most people, though, most people because of the static pages on your site to do something, at least partially, to become regular readers.

You can check your traffic stats, then you probably do not since they are constantly being written, they fall out of date, your static pages in your site, but you’ll find that the most popular.

To update or add to your static pages take a few minutes. Building a more human connection and compliment your regular blog topic pages that can include a picture, write a little bit about yourself. It works great.

4. Add a feature

If you have been wanting to add a new widget or twitter interaction, especially with the speed and appearance of your site, your blog can get into trouble, desperately, but now is a great time to add more features.

WordPress and other blogging platforms you want to try out a new tool or service is so easy, plug-ins, widgets and other components to be added, you can do so with relative ease and safety. However, to closely monitor how it affects your site and to ensure that it is better to be sure than harm.

5. Brainstorm

Brainstorming and his satisfaction, though not immediate, it is moving forward to tomorrow and for a long time to see the benefits of something.

If you have problems enough of blogging, idea generation and the possibility of writing blog posts is part of the same process, that is. When you wake up in the morning you do not have to constantly prepare ideas, coming up with ideas that you should write and spend time crafting the perfect post.

You brainstorm in advance, you will find many high quality of your posts. They are well thought out and of course a lot harder than writing tend to wonder off. If you post the job and you come up with 15 good ideas to take an hour now, then in the future you’ll have high-quality post three weeks.

More than that, it can improve your site?

6.The last row

It comes to making your website, it is directly related to blogging to spend a few moments to give up, do not take a lot of heart and a lot of time just to compliance.

Best of all, this is just something you can not do good to your site. The faster you have plenty of other things to improve on. You just have to look around beilling.

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