3 Elements of Your Blog Design That Need Simplifying

WordPress out there, not only tons of options to customize the look and feel of the experience, but your users are interacting with your content is one of the most versatile blogging platform.

It is also one of the most widely used platforms! But with so many features that your WordPress blog is a constant challenge “bloating” of near limitless options. Sometimes you only for your end user and reader experience that is most important to your core, add the ingredients and the best thing that you can not skip all the extras.

For example, a user interface as one of the top blogs from a stylistic point of view of both the first and foremost to present their contents. It really is the ultimate in terms of design Take for example ZenHabits.net.

But make no mistake about it – ZenHabits one of the biggest blogs in the growing and highly profitable!

So no one is a prototype for better usability and focus on simple ingredients that no matter what you can learn from the ZenHabits? Here you can make an impact on the user experience to capitalize and to ensure that there are 5 things you can do:

1.Overall Design Blog

The most obvious is the simplicity of the design. The content of your blog will grow and then you’re going to attract an audience, every single time you design your content to make sure that there is supplementary.

the blog someone that has a simple design and structure sports. In fact, many people apparently have to refresh it, and all the other stuff is second only to the content of the comments.

Users can get what they came for you, so you have a WordPress blog theme that showcases your content in the first place (I use the standard theme) Make sure to use! I and the readers of your blog comments are worth it (like you), remember!


Your comment territory, for a lot of interaction and engagement are the lifeblood of so many people and so many different plugins and features that have yet to comment on the crowd’s why it’s confusing place.

For example, in the comment field that you just do not know where to start, so that the dirt (and you’ve probably seen it yourself)! “The action Calls” ads all over the place and the surrounding area and you only button on the “answer” you’re not sure!

Why is it necessary to make it more difficult to do without? Local comments box just the way it is beautiful (and that’s why I decided to use it), but if you do choose to use another 3rd party platform if it is time to clean up and simplify the cost of those services may be worth.

3. Sharing

Social networking and social media is everywhere – you just can not avoid it. And to a certain extent this is a great thing! If you want to engage with your content, but you can share it with their network and with other interested parties who would like even more!

But you have to make it easy to use and only this! Again, I blog before, the level of single posts, and even social sharing icons near the I 20 (and repeated) as well as social sharing etiquette to walk through a complete mess that you see everyday scanning as many blog comments!

And to facilitate the best option to your blog imposing a set of social sharing icons is to keep the level of single posts (this is also tremendously speed up your blog front page) and do it with taste. For example, I think it (the content of their way to read but) there are always unobtrusively so that the content of the user scrolls with the use of a continuous sharing tool.

Choose wisely and you will be rewarded! This works great as well and the release of WordPress plugins that JetPack part of the system that there is another one out.

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