Wanna Make Money With iPhone Apps?

I knew that people were killing it, the iPhone Apps, but I (and I have made it possible for easy, does not mean that) it’s on the market, how it was possible to write even today realize that the World Expo blog talked only when it was Flynn.

Sure, Pat began a couple of years ago, but I am not wrong, then he is putting more effort into the side of his business lately. Right now he released 27 apps in the App Store, and some of them have a “traffic light changer” app (yes, it’s just a prank app, but people are downloading it) is like a really simple yet smart stuff.

How much you want to do with the free Apps? Around $ 4,000 monthly, and it is … growing. So yes, from where I came from and where is pocket change.

Pat the iPhone is written in a kind of a series, because this is all I have to mention business apps, and I think that will be very useful to those of you who are interested. Pat the post you have your own iPhone apps developers do not need to be a discussion about why, where your own iPhone app, called 5 Things you need to know about the application and approval for why only half the battle, and so on.

The iPhone app business model to a new post on this topic, published this week: free vs. paid. It is charging your apps or free them interesting discussion about the advantages and disadvantages.

Is only part of the mix is how he actually gets its apps. How many developers to pay them, it is, and how the process is working. For this post, I will send an email to him with a suggestion.

Finally, a couple of other markets at the moment, they probably have less competition, because you could be the first to try. The first one is a native iPhone apps market. If you live outside the United States and the iPhone, for example, your country is a big resort, you have your local store / language targeting could develop iPhone apps.

The second one is the Android Market. Apple iPhone every month I was arrested, is already more than the Google Android devices are shipping am not wrong, then this could be another good opportunity.

It was not for lack of time, but of course I will go right down to this segment. A mobile app development company these days I just can not go wrong can not imagine. If you do not have your own Apps come up with enough creativity, even if it’s just a huge demand for outsourced development work.

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