To Do List App for Android

About three months ago I started working with the mobile application. I was on the development of Android, IOS side of my brother (iPhone and iPad) to handle, and that takes care of the visual aspects of a designer.

We already have a couple of easy application (if you want to check out the company’s website, although the Portuguese, ) the ship, and we have done that too will take some time to work on some complex ones.

Last week, I think you could say that the release of an application: it is being asked to simplified list.

List Apps and managers basically I was tired of the complexity, and for my own use, I decided to create a really simple one. In fact, one of my friends, I tested the app and really liked it, it was not planning to release, so he convinced me to make public applications.

The app allows you to have only 3 actions:

(A “eventually” “Today” section or can) add a task
If you already have a task to complete the Move
“Finally,” and vice-versa, “Today” to move a task.

That’s it. You can see in the picture above is just a screen, as well.

The app is available for Android devices so far, and people will find useful if we put it on the iPhone as well. You can download the application to make sure it’s a positive!

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