Make Your Site Faster with Google’s mod_pagespeed

You probably know a few months ago Google’s search rankings to determine the speed of loading web pages, taking into consideration the announced start. In other words, the faster your page, the higher the chances of you going up in space, and vice-versa.

Fortunately for webmasters and site owners, Google is trying to help us get there. The purpose of the equipment went out of beta this week. It’s called mod_pagespeed.

“Mod_pagespeed you need to change your existing content or workflow without the corresponding resources (CSS, JavaScript, images) automatically applies the best practices of Web page performance, which is an open-source module, Apache, and so on.” Here’s how Google describers

Among other things, it will:

** Image optimization, compression, and resizing
**CSS and JavaScript consolidation minification, and ordering
**Cache Extension, domain sharding, and domain rewriting
**JavaScript and delayed loading of images

I have not tried it yet, but when I get some free time I installed on my server and you will see how it works. What did you guys already have it installed?

You can read more about the tool or if you want to see videos about to check out the official announcement here.

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