Improve Your Workflow with a Blog Editing Program

When you’re typing your post blogging platform that works like a word processor have wished? Unfortunately, during the process of writing a post on blogging program, but they are limited in options and features. This is why most bloggers post their type in the word processing program of some sort and then simply cut and paste the post is ready to be the blogging program.

Word processors such as spelling and grammar checking features that many of the blogging program, the large area of typing, and easy storage and access methods that offer post-dated.
Despite the benefits of using a word processor has significant drawbacks as well. Paste the text with a word processor such as Microsoft Word ,, gets behind the scenes to create unnecessary coding. Simply copy the HTML coding of a Word document and paste a blogging program that will quickly become a mess.

The blog post is intended as a text can be displayed, can validate the HTML code, and it is inaccessible and slow page loads can create pages.
A word processor without coding nightmare is another option for bloggers who want the benefits of a blog editing program. In this article we’ll look at the options available (some free and some not) have a number. While still providing a number of benefits of this program is to create clean HTML code.
When looking at the blog editor for each program you will find that it is unique in its own special characteristics. However, at a bare minimum you should expect the following features from the editor to use: a spell checker and the ability to save at any time posts for more than one blog post (unless you only plan to use the one blog) New HTML editor (of a WYSIWYG editor offer – if so, then be sure that you can directly edit the code) the ability to add categories to your posts.
Another decision you will make in your blog post you want to be able to work offline or not. However, not a few of the editor, you are able to do this. Of course, any editor that you are considering is compatible with your operating system to ensure that your transition program should be examined. Most of the blogging editor to work with all programs.
Windows Live Writer (free download):
One of the editors of the leading blogs, Windows Live Writer, and then provide some of the basic functions. Its unique features, WordPress and TypePad (especially helpful if you’re using it as a CMS), and map publishing and image publishing options available in six languages, including page compositions.
Most blog editors will allow you to preview your posts, but Windows Live Writer is a step forward. Here’s what they say about the preview functionality: You can now author your post and it will look like before you publish it to know exactly what. The author of such titles, fonts, colors, background images, paragraph spacing, margins and block quotes as to the style of your blog and you’ll be able to edit your post using these styles.
You use a lot of photos and images for your blog posts, you can choose the features of Windows Live Writer’s picture production. If you’re trying to find the right picture when the “Insert Picture” dialog, you can browse through the picture thumbnails. Such as opening the picture in Photoshop or Windows Explorer, find the need to use another method. The program works with Windows Live Writer to the inside of your picture editing and graphics tools are available.
Qumana (free download):
Another leading Qumana editor provides the required functionality, plus some features of its own. To begin with, Qumana blogging platform that supports a long list. Qumana can also add tags to Technorati. However, other competitors Qumana separate feature, you can easily insert into your blog could make some money in advertising questions, notice that the words are.
Q: A website or blog you will notice the PPC ads that look like no other. Qumana compared with other options in order to facilitate the work of inserting advertising. Here is what they have to say: Qumana with simple one-click advertising insertion powerful, WYSIWYG combines the power of a free, easy-to-use editor for blogs. With Qumana, you notice the question-when and where you can insert notification. It’s that simple.
Ecto ($ 17.95):
Ecto Kung-Log, a popular program for the successor to Mac users. Ecto MacOSX and Windows is available for both. Windows Live Writer and Qumana different, Ecto is a free program. You can download it and try it for free, but it costs Ecto can buy the $ 17.95.
Ecto all the basic features, plus recipes and keyboard shortcuts for HTML tags, an HTML rendered preview a file and image upload tool, thumbnail creation, and support is the Quick Access Toolbar.
BlogJet ($ 39,95):
Like Ecto, BlogJet download a free trial is available for a given program. BlogJet full price is $ 39.95, and $ 19.95 for the upgrade. BlogJet basic features plus images, Flickr and YouTube- support, a word counter and blog statistics, a multi-language spell-checker, auto replacement options, and file attachments available.
It is only available for Windows users BlogJet negative one.
ScribeFire (Firefox add-on):
You can (with an option which listed all the other editors) are not interested in your blog offline editing, then you might want to consider not ScribeFire is a Firefox add-on. (Note: ScribeFire formerly known as Performancing for Firefox). With ScribeFire you can write, edit and publish your blog post to be able to work in Firefox. It appears that you have to be online to use the program only major difference from other options with a full feature editor. ScribeFire other editors have as many features, but it has all the basics and it only requires a simple add-on to Firefox.


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