How To Gather .edu and .gov backlinks

edu And gov backlinks for search engine algorithms it is widely a great weight has been taken to carry. To be sure (and sometimes even negligence), Google has admitted that it SEO and online marketing experts in the .edu and .gov links, despite the extension of the reputation of the search ranking in terms of wine. Educational and government websites or on your blog, I do not have relevant content depending on whether the two of them, will have to explain, there are several ways to collect those links below.

Blog with relevant content

The first step in .edu .gov backlinks pointing to your website and ending with those extensions to your topic related sites are identified. and .edu sites: sites such as Google use the site operator will be able to find an extensive list of keywords for your blog, coupled with .gov. "keyword 1" "keyword 1"
Once you have a list of sites to explore them and share links with your blog has a high probability of selection than what we think. Finally, make contact with the webmaster of those sites that may be relevant and valuable to point them to your blog content. It’s always a good idea to link to the site first before getting backlinks.

Without relevant content Blog

A backlink to your blog without interacting with your users, allowing you to create the webmaster of the site should be for education and government websites have content that may be relevant or valuable, and if not, then the site of the most common forms of online blogs and forums.

Again, you can create a list of such sites can use the Google operators. The blog will be sure to attribute the results to the blog URL structure sound: inurl .edu argument when a .edu extension site search results are limited: Please note that on. inurl:blog "keyword 1" inurl:forum "keyword 1" inurl:blog "keyword 1" inurl:forum "keyword 1"
Finally a forum thread or in the comments section, leaving a backlink to your site, your blog talks about the relevant track down the site and join the conversation. As much as possible for the sake of getting backlinks you should note that the spam sites. You can add useful information and just make sure that the online environment is pollution.

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