Fast and Compact Image Editing Software

My Linux desktop machine I use GIMP whenever I need to edit photos and images, and I’m very happy with it. Right now I’m traveling with my Windows laptop, so I need to figure out the image editing software to be loaded.

Photoshop is not out of the question. I just re-size and small graphic effects to use once in a while, so it’s a professional solution would be nuts to spend hundreds for the Bucks. As well as the application’s laptop was a possibility, but instead I heard a while ago that I decided to give it a try on a software: IrfanView.

Glad I did this: Now let me tell you. IrfanView for Windows machines around you will find the best free option is the one that I’m not quite sure.

The software is incredibly light and fast, and it has most of the features that the average user will need. In addition it (PSD and .ico) with the support of a myriad of file formats, and it is available in several languages.

A free image editing software for your Windows PC is trying to find out, then try IrfanView.

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