5 Websites with Great Landing Pages

A landing page is basically a point of entrance to your website. It is where visitors will “land.” As you can guess, if you have failed to engage in new visitors as you may lose them forever, landing pages, is very important. If you want a professional landing page, on the other hand, you will capture the audience’s interest and possibly turn them into loyal viewers, subscribers or customers.

A website can have different landing pages. For example, it is performed for each marketing campaign can create a landing page. In the end, that’s where most of the visitors as well as for most websites, the homepage, usually the most important landing page.

You have to structure their homepage a great landing page of the website will find 5 examples below, so sometimes it’s easier to show something than to explain them.

1. Pingdom.com

One thing to keep in mind when you design a landing page for visitors who want to perform the action. Pingdom undertands this idea and a work by focusing on the entire upper portion of its homepage to apply it to ‘let’s start now’ button to click.

2. FreshBooks.com

Instead of just one button, it is OK to show the signup form: In my opinion the first-time visitor into a potential customer Freshbooks focusing on the landing page has an even better job. Visitor, just the name, email address, and click ‘Try it free for 30 days, you need to click on.

3. Motors.co.uk

The British website that helps people find the used and new cars. For this purpose it has to serve a search on the homepage when you’re looking back you can use the model form. In fact, it’s the search for those who want to be more specific forms, those in a hurry, fast out ‘, and’ smart search ‘, is displayed.

4. CouponMachine.in

The Indian on the offers and coupons, and fold the top of the display to offer its visitors are attracted to all popular. The lower section can get a coupon for a list of stores that are displayed when the top section, through the offer rotates. In other words, it takes the visitor looking for right away. Below is the email that you are interested in capturing the audience will get a huge subscription box. It’s probably a good conversion rate of visibility.

5. CrazyEgg.com

This is a good example of a minimalist yet efficient landing pages. His website URL in a form input, and a list of companies already using the service: visitors are presented with two things. In other words, you pretty much have no option other than to start testing service. Pretty clever

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