Top 20 Ways To Find Advertisers For Your Website

Summary of the website to make money from advertising agency one of the most profitable ways. Some time ago I need to have in place before you start, how much it should charge and cover the pros and cons of using this method for your website, wrote an article on how to find advertisers.

The most difficult part of the process, but the fact is to find advertisers. I found some places where you can search for the article, but I can use it in your web site advertisers to list all the ways that will be useful to remember that one of the posts. That is what it’s all about the bottom of the list.
Leveraging your own site

When it comes to finding advertisers should be the first port of your own website. Why? Those who are familiar with your work, people need to be willing to discuss the advertising agency.

1. A menu bar links “and click” Place

If you have a navigation menu bar, you can point to a page on your site where the advertising options, making it a “click” may include links. This link will help you in two different ways. First of all, it is interested in the company to quickly find the page where you display your advertising information will allow. Second, it does not accept advertising agency will inform you of all the visitors.

2. placeholders as well as a “click here” banner

Unsold ad spots you, then you are one of them as a placeholder for a “click” can be found in the banner. These banners are just the navigation menu “click” the link will not work, but their ads will be displayed to show advertisers where it is just possible, because it can be more effective. Only these advertisers will send a negative message, your unsold spots in a “click here” to be sure not to use placeholders (ie, no one is buying any ads on your site, so why do not they?).

3. Write a post welcoming advertisers

If you have a blog, you can write a post inviting advertisers news Netlog. It allows you to extend your offer, because this method works quite well. Post on your blog, what kind of traffic it gets, the ads on the available options and should be able to explain what it was that kind of audience.

4. Email your list

If you have an email list? Then you send the same information for customers in the blog post. You should include only the price. Why? If you are interested in, because it does not include the people will email you asking for that, and this will give you their email address and will have a better chance of convincing them of the conversation, an invitation.

5. A message at the bottom of the blog post

If you post to your blog often, you can attach a message at the bottom of every post. Something like “Want to showcase your product to our audience?. After checking that the message of our advertising options, click on the” page “Obviously you should include a link”. If you’re using WordPress, you just need to edit the file single.php message will appear on your blog post.

6.A message at the bottom of your feed

Similarly, you can put a message on the bottom of your feed. Both these website visitors and RSS subscribers will see it to be sure. If you’re using WordPress, you can easily create RSS feed with plug footers appear at the bottom to create a custom message.

7. Examine who is on

It’s a good idea to check who is on the blog. You basically have your audience relevant product companies who are looking for work. Once you identify which one (like it is, he will leave his email address or by domain), you just asked if his company would be interested in a sponsor, you will need to contact him. People already have to be a member of your community, because this method works well.

8. examine those linked to

Besides, who is leaving comments on your blog, examining the links to your blog posts from the people you should be tested. If you see a link to a company blog, it is once again a sponsor would be interested if you could ask the contact. They liked your content enough to link to it, they would certainly consider an advertising deal.
9. All press releases and review requests North  

Once it gets a bit more popular in its niche of your website through the contact form You’ll start receiving a lot of press releases and review requests. Instead of sending these to the trash bin, to their products / services found interesting, stating that should answer all of them, and your audience will be a good match, because you believe that they could benefit from advertising on your site. He then give all the details about the options, and wait to see if they are interested.
Exploring Ad Network

You already can find companies that are spending money on online advertising, your work will be done halfway. Ad networks represent an excellent opportunity to do this.

Just go to the homepage of this advertising network that allows you to view a list of “sample of advertisers.” Who is the biggest online spending. After that you can check the publishers listed in the directory. Just go to the homepage of each site, and to check on what the company has bought the banner. You’ll be able to find hundreds of potential sponsors.

11. Adbrite

This ad networks on the navigation menu you will find a link titled “Guide to the site.” It is basically a list of all the websites that are taking notice over the network. Check that you are buying only companies that banner, will be able to browse through them. Funny thing is that you only have to contact the relevant company, making sure that the website can filter by niche.

12. Clickbank

Hartog per se is not an ad network, but rather one of an affiliate marketing. You can still sign up as an affiliate and looking for sponsors to browse the marketplace, being called. There are hundreds of them who are already affiliated with the campaign, because, to avoid contact of the top selling products. Focus on the middle range of the market.


What the ad network is a “blogger” Once you sign up as their products / services to a list of companies who are willing to pay bloggers to review its market, allowing you to browse. Guess what? After that it’s just a matter of contacting them.

14. ReviewMe

This network works pretty much the same. Here you will find less to offer, but it’s still worth a look once in a while. In addition, the company is interested in you will be contacted on a regular basis, you can set up your blog to review a lower price.
The other sites in your niche Vising

It is a highly effective way for advertisers to your website, where the company is already looking to advertising, to visit other sites in your niche is.

15. Contact banner advertisers

First you’ll want to contact the advertisers who purchased banner spots. Direct contact with the owner of the site to the company, so they took the opportunity to discuss with the new ads will be more open.

16. Contact AdSense advertisers

You can visit the site by using Google AdSense, you are putting the ads that the company can test and then contact them. Too, that you saw the ad xyz company’s web site, and your site that their products / services that we believe would be a good match for the mention in your email.

17. Contact the owner of the site

If you are visiting websites that are greater than one, you can also purchase one of the spots that he is not interested in your banner to see if you can communicate with the owner. This will help him to get more brand awareness and new readers. Secondly, you refer advertisers to each other, where you can try to establish a partnership.
Use Google

You need to find something online, then Google can help.

18. The relevant product and organic search results for Communication

Companies that sell products or services relevant to your audience certainly will consider the opportunity to advertise on your site. If this is the case, all you have to do is go to Google and search for the company began. If you have a site about baseball, then, for example, Google and so on, “baseball bat”, “baseball gloves” and search.

19. search for relevant keywords and AdWords advertisers Contact

The company already serves organic results in Google AdWords can search for more than spending money. This is above and to the right of the organic search results that appear on the “Rating” is. You do not have to search for the product to that goal. Expand sponsored links that are related to your niche that is already being searched for any word.

20. Search for websites Their sponsors / advertisers thanks 

Many websites publish periodic posts thanks to their sponsors. They can communicate with you to come up with a list of companies, as you can use Google to find this post. For example, if you Google, thank you “sponsors” to search for. Otherwise you are related to your site that you can search filter certain websites. You can talk about the sponsors a list of all the posts which would give: “ Sponsors Site”, you have a tech blog, for example, you could search for.

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