6 Lessons from a Full Time Freelance Blogger

I say almost exclusively I do for a living when greeted with bemusement am. It’s something that I have gotten used to over time. “A freelance blogger? Even if you can make money doing that?”

Some 12 months ago, they had told me that if there was a freelance blogger In fairness, I probably would have reacted with the same bemusement. It’s only recently that I have come to realize profitable to do freelance blogging. I have some of my work are earning the equivalent of $ 100 per hour for.

Although it has been a big learning curve – at the beginning of 2011, I barely even knew what a blog was. I’ve come a long way since then, and that led me to where I gradually became aware of a few key things.

Now I want to share with you!
1. Have a Blog

People ask if I can do the job for them to come to me, because I have not sought to find any work since last November. Through my blog, I have all of my recent clients.

If you look at the blog, you can barely find “hire me” screams will see. On the contrary – in the navigation bar there is a “hire me” link, and that’s it.

I help people become freelance writers about the blog – that is, I like mine, I »¿notice» ¿place for potential clients. And yet I still receive queries. You can create a blog specifically for your target clients, you should be able to fare much better than I do.

May not be interested in your services or clients Stop wasting your time trying to find job boards. Reaches out to a client, then you are already in a position of strength.
2. bylines

Potential clients often a client’s blog, I saw to my blog via a byline. The logic is simple – no one is looking for a blogger, then they will probably contact you, like your writing, and you see that has been rented.

So whenever, you should get a byline. If a client initially balks at the idea, it is a recognized fact that bloggers are writing for their country, suggest that the blog might gain.

Bylines it certainly is not appropriate – for example, you are in ghost writing, or you have no real skills, which is an issue when writing.
3. Consider Intangible benefits

The decision whether or not to take the job when you consider how much should be paid. I still elusive because of the associated benefits, my “Picks” under the hourly rate of pay for those who work with specific clients. These include:

**Authority – it is better to be seen as an authoritative writer on the blog.
**Traffic – a healthy amount of traffic on certain blogs to my own blog.
**Potential – work could lead to bigger and better things?
**Security – a long-term source of income to be safe?

Intangible benefits, such as better offer help to rationalize, and make a decision accordingly.
4. Hour is worth

Hours of work by the price – not a little slice of the 101 freelance blogging.
Instead, quickly turned to everyone else doing your job, and then post or on the same charge against the project. In 30 minutes you can write a 500-word article, and no one will give it to you for $ 50, then $ 100 is equivalent to the hourly rate.

It is irrelevant how long it took to write it – clients are happy to pay $ 50 for a quality article.
5. Fast

I use computers since the age of five, and naturally quite fast (around 90 words per minute)’ve learned to type. I’m not a particularly nice way to touch type, but it gets the job done.

But I digress. The point is that you can type quickly, the faster you can write blog posts. It may sound trivial, but it really is not. If you write for a living to learn to type faster If you’re interested in a business effectively.
6. Write fast

For the purpose of this article, there is a difference between writing type faster and faster. Writing quickly as possible is the fastest way to completion, from its inception to a blog post.

Generally speaking, if you plan a blog post, the more quickly you will write it. This may sound counter-productive, but how many times have you into the middle of a post that you plan on addressing how you try to address, or to forget the core issue?

Bullet points and drawing out a post before you waste too much time if you are able to address any potential problem. If you are done with the framework of the post, then just a case of fleshing out your bullet points.

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